ABFOLGE #1 #2016

A3 – 14 pages / A4 – 28 pages, unbound
300gr risographer
Edition of 100 - SOLD OUT
Sergej Vutuc and We Make It, Berlin 2016

« Abfolge », which means sequence, published in 2016. Continuing his experiments, Sergej, with this book, combines, for the best, photographic processes and printing technique risography. The fleshy images take here all their depth. You get lost with relish in the deep blacks. The book consists of A3 pictures folded in half to form an unbound 28 pages booklet. We must unfold the book to read the entire image, but above all, each half picture recombines, according to the facing page with another half. The pictures recompose themselves and it is impressive to see how these new images take so much strength.
We now understand that the chaos we had already glimpsed in previous works here finds its fulfillment. This energy organizes the world and makes it intelligible. Certainly for me « Abfolge » is one of the best books published this year!
Christer Ek

publication incl. skaters as: Alex Greemann, Ben Gore , Dor Braver , Lars Noll , Patrick Rogalski